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Candace Corby

Advisory Board

For over two decades Candace Corby has been leading organizations from the C-Suite. Candace's focus is on leading exceptional teams of attorneys and technologists to create cost-effective, customer-centric processes in order to provide our clients with strategic advantage.

Candace believe's that true leadership is about authenticity which is why she leads by being herself. This means acting with the highest level of integrity and working hard to give her employees a reason to follow her lead and vision that's set for the business. Giving anything less than her best would jeopardize the organization’s effectiveness and ability to support her clients.

Candace committed to being a positive global citizen and supports causes and organizations that empower women, increase diversity and support underprivileged children. Through her work with WBAF, WEF, WICCI, NOW and the US Department of State Global Women's Mentoring Partnership, Candace is having an impact on global communities.

Candace Corby
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