Dr. Khomotṧo Mashalane

Global Ambassador & Country Chair - South Africa

Dr. Khomotṧo Mashalane continues to have an exceptionally well-rounded career, it has ranged from

Teaching & Learnership to Human Resource management to Leadership programmes. In her varying

career paths, the aspect that has tethered her to this course is serving and uplifting the women

around her. Those in close proximity to Khomotṧo know the far-reaching effects of all her

life endeavours here are some of the highlighted moments that continues to shape her life and


After completing her high school studies Khomotṧo embarked on her tertiary education at University

of the North in Limpopo pursuing a BA in Education (honors in Education). Following that she

decided to tap into her intrinsically artistic side by studying a National diploma in Fashion

Technology at Wits. tech for 3 years. After completing her studies Khomotṧo decided it was time to

enter the work force by pursuing a career that aligned with her first degree, so for 10 years pursed

the job of teaching career guidance to high school students.

Khomotṧo then worked as a Human Resources Manager at various corporate companies. Within her

time in corporate Khomotso learnt about nature people/communities within the workplace, how to

take care of their professional needs, the importance of teamwork and within that environment,

identified inequality and societal issues which then lead her to what would now be her purpose in

women empowerment and humanitarian work. It was during this time Khomotṧo began to discover

and align her humanitarian passions and pursuits, powered by her corporate Human Resource

experiences, she would find herself part of communities, social and global legacies that would

render her a Global and Social Influencer in all things speaking to the creation of women in pursuit of

economic, political and social liberation, not only on an individual but a communal level.

Khomotṧo is a firm and true believer in business and socio-economic training, she believes that

training women in these subjects are the cornerstone in creating a culture of constant exchange of

information through learning and teaching to make effective change in small communities. She is a

leader in the science of society and its inner workings and has a powerful ability use this knowledge

to build global communities.

She has also served on various boards namely of the Central Gauteng Mental Health Society, United

Nations Sustainable Development, World women Organization(SA), in addition has been a speaker at

global conferences such as Lady Politico Leadership Conferences. Khomotṧo was also then given the

opportunity to become a Female Wave of Change ambassador, G100 Country Chair-South Africa-

WEF,ALLLadiesLeague. MissionMillion2022, Global Ambassador Hearts of Change (AFRICA).

She was also asked to speak and assist in organizing their Global conference where over 250 global

leaders and delegates were in attendance. She also serves as an Ambassador for multiple


The time spent meant specializing in Human Resources meant more opportunities for effective

change within a work environment. She also decided to further her studies by enrolling at Herriot

Watt University in Edinburgh to study a Master of Science in Human Resource Management,

sharpening her skills and knowledge around the art and methods of people in a professional

orientated setting. It is the extensive skills she accumulated in her varying pursuits that she is able

use those expertise to focus on what is needed to building people from the ground up by developing

structured programmers aimed at helping accelerate the growth.

Dr. Khomotṧo Mashalane