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Ashvini Persaud

Advisory Board

Ashvini Persaud is the Founder, Creative Director and Board Chair​ of Green Fashion Art Design Museum & International Museum of The Saree.

Ashvini founded the community-based pop up museums focused on arts, fashion and design, raising

awareness of sustainability and multiculturalism and managed all aspects of forming business

including growing revenue and controlling costs. These projects stemmed from a vision of

oneness in our communities.

Supplied Miss World Guyana with paint to print Guyanese focused accessories, sourcing

sustainable items for the 2019 Miss World Pageant increased site traffic and created global

reach due to sponsorship advertising. Brought our Guyanese designers in USA together for paint

to print to fashion projects illustrating Guyana. Designer of Made of Guyana Bags, shoes and

various fashion accessories, including saree.

Ashvini is the Director and creator of IM of the Sari Mini Series and Musical at CUNY and educational settings in NY and CT.

Ashvini has developed partnerships where Green Fashion Art Design Museum & International Museum of The Saree gained attention from Stabroek News, New York Post, Mayor’s Office, Zee TV, The West Indian Online, Bibi Magazine, The Style Salon, Globe Span TV Network, Bangla TV and Queens DailyEagle.

Ashvini Persaud
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