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Triple T Youth Program

"Teens Talking to Teens about Threat, Trauma, and Therapy" in IPV: Youth Mentor Certification Program & HOC Youth Ambassadorship

The conflict of having affection for someone who is abusive is a challenge, particularly

when these individuals are your parents or loved one. Exposure to this at a young age

leads to generational trauma and a feeling of self-blame among the child of a domestic

violence home and a risk to become a target of abuse for those teens who lack

awareness of this problem.

Our desire is to provide a space to reconcile these different feelings with the aim to help

teen participants understand both the victim and abuser in totality of who they are,

rather than in fragments based on their isolated actions. Because the work involved in

attempting to end physical and emotional violence requires a multi-faceted approach,

Our mission is to bring innovative teaching and awareness to this arena with our mind

body bridging program for the youth.

Dr. Bindu Babu 2023.jpg

Dr. Bindu Babu I-MD PHD

CEO & Executive Director
HOC Mind Body Bridging Program

Author, Speaker, Integrative Medicine Practitioner & trained Physician. 

Quantum Based Transformational Coach & Consultant

Dr. Natoushka Trenard MD, MPH

Chief Program Officer
HOC MBBP Triple T Program

Chief of the Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine Division at Metropolitan Hospital

Natoushka Trenard.JPG
Desir April 2022-78.jpg

Dr. Janice Desir. MD, MPH

Chief Development Officer
HOC MBBP Triple T Program

Nephrologist, Kidney Medical Associates

St Barnabas Affiliate Assistant Professor, CUNY School of Medicine

Physician Advisor Lead, R1RCM

Dr. Shango Blake Ed.D

Chief Education Officer 
HOC MBBP Triple T Program

Founder & President of BE-U (Black Edufluencers United), CEO T.R.U. SK Consultant, National Public Speaker, Educational Consultant.

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