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Hearts of Change - Teens Talking to Teens Leadership Program

"Teens Talking to Teens about Threat, Trauma, and Therapy" in Teen Dating Violence and IPV: Youth Mentor Certification Program & HOC Youth Ambassadorship

The conflict of caring for someone who is abusive is a challenge, especially 

when the person can be a parent or loved one. Exposure to this at a young age

leads to generational trauma and a feeling of self-blame among the child of a domestic

violence home and a risk to be involved in an abusive relationship for those teens who may normalize the signs and red flags. 

Our goal is to provide a space to reconcile these different feelings with the aim to help

teens to understand both the victim and abuser in totality of who they are,

rather than in fragments based on their isolated actions. The work involved in

attempting to end physical and emotional violence requires a multi-faceted approach, one that teens can eradicate by supporting the criteria of debunking the stigma towards teen dating violence.  The more we speak about it, the more we normalize seeking help and debunking the stigma against mental health.

Our mission is to bring innovative teaching and awareness to this arena with our Teen Talking to Teens Leadership Program. 

Dr. Bindu Babu 2023.jpg

Dr. Bindu Babu, I-MD PHD

CEO & Executive Director
HOC Mind Body Bridging Program
Teen Talking to Teens Workbook Co- Author & Program Facilitator

International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Integrative Medicine Practitioner & trained Physician. 

Quantum Based Transformational Coach & Consultant

 Danielle N. Williams, JD, MS, MSED

Executive Director

Hearts of Change - Teens Talking to Teens Leadership Program

Dr. Danielle N. Williams is the founder and CEO of S.T.I.G.M.A Consulting Group, LLC. She named her

company S.T.I.G.M.A (Student Timely IEP Growth Modification Advocates) because of the stigma parents

and children of disabilities face every day, which she wants to dispel.

As a special educator for over

15 years, Danielle has served as an assistant principal, teacher, instructional coach, and Executive Director.

She is currently the District Director of Alternative Programs/Twilight Principal with the Valley Stream

Central High School District where she created a school for over-age under credited high school students

with and without special needs. She is a 2020 Early Childhood Leadership Fellow with the Division for Early

Childhood of the Council for Exceptional Children. Dr. Williams received the 2024 Nassau BOCES

Education Partner award for her profound effect on public education in Nassau County.


Dr. Celina Pina Shemo, Psy.D

HOC Teens Talking to Teens Leadership Program Facilitator &
Workbook Co-Author

Founder and CEO of VGI Mental Health, a

501 C 3, non-profit organization, providing clinical services to diverse populations.

Dr. Celina is recognized for her distinguished clinical proficiencies, particularly in the area of

trauma and abuse. She is an international bestselling author of “The Five Keys to Emotional

Oneness; the Emotional Detox System,” she has also developed training and coaching

curriculums based on her “Five Keys System.”

Dr. Faith Brown, Ed.D

HOC Teens Talking to Teens Leadership Program Facilitator &
Workbook Co-Author

Counseling Psychologist, Performance Strategist, Business

Mentor, Author, Speaker, Professor, Radio Personality, & Expert Panelist

Dr. Brown coaches individuals and corporate entities in posturing for next level positioning.

Specializing in relationships, she leverages her knowledge in neuropsychology and behaviorism with more than 25 years in the corporate sector to facilitate personal and professional development.


Dr. Vinod Karavally

Chief Program Research Associate

Dr. Vinod Karavally is a trained physician and an educator who has worked in the healthcare industry for over 15 years. Dr. Karavally is currently working in the healthcare sector of hospital insurance claims. Additionally, Dr. Karavally is an Adjunct Professor at CUNY LaGuardia College and previously worked as an Adjunct Professor at Queens College.

Sophia Carone

Program Research Assistant

Sophia Carone is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she is studying Psychology and Public Health. Originally from New York City, she brings a diverse perspective to her academic and professional pursuits.


As a research assistant in the Infant Visual Cognition Lab at the University of Tennessee, Sophia focuses on developmental working memory and attention. This role has deepened her understanding of cognitive processes and her implications for early childhood development.


With aspirations to earn a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Sophia is passionate about using her expertise to address mental health disparities, particularly among children in underserved communities. She is committed to making a positive impact through research and direct service. 

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