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Dr. Bindu Babu I-MD, PhD

Founder & President,
Board of Director

Dr. Bindu Babu is an award winning successful Author, Speaker, Integrative Medicine Practitioner & Quantum Based Transformational Coach. She is the founder & President of Hearts of Change 501c3. Dr. Babu is appointed on to the New York City Mayor Eric Adams transition team for Health & is the Chair for Health & Wellness, NYC Speaks, a public engagement initiative.

Dr. Babu is the curriculum founder and Faculty Professor of Health Business Entrepreneurship at the Masters & PHD level at Quantum University, Hawaii USA.

Dr. Babu’s business is recognized as a WEPs (Women Empowerment Principals) Signatorie by UN Women & United Nations & she has been inducted into the Humanitarian Hall of Fame 2021 by World Humanitarian Aid Support & Development Forum.

Dr. Babu been awarded New York’s Power Women in Business 2019 by Schneps Media and vetted onto Forbes Business Council, 2020. & 2021.

Dr. Babu is committed in the following roles in various NGO's and humanitarian work supporting women and mental health awareness across the globe:

  • G100 United States Country Chair for Mental Health

  • Vice President of Women Empowerment and Equality, Global Goodwill Ambassador Foundation, USA

  • Circle of Wise Women; Female Wave of Change NGO

  • World Peace Ambassador, USA

  • World Peace Tract Ambassador, NGO

  • Global Peace Chain Ambassador, USA

Dr. Babu is a successful entrepreneur trained in the Quantum modalities of healing and mindset brain neuroplasticity reform. She helps her clients all over the world in overcoming limited beliefs, healing and attaining a mindful desirable life that they deserve.

She is a renowned international expert on Narcissistic Toxic Relationships and authored her book “My Soulmate, My Love, My Narcissist” based on her protocol on the healing and recovery from Narcissistic Abuse. She has chaired, organized and keynoted at many World Psychiatry Congresses, spoken at the SALT Conference by Anthony Scaramucci and many prestigious universities such as Harvard, NYU & Touro. She has been featured in multiple magazines receiving several women empowerment nominations and awards worldwide.

Dr. Babu has contributed multiple articles in Forbes as a women entrepreneur & mental health advocate and has been featured:

Formidable Women Magazine 2020 Spring issue

The Hollywood Times Magazine Spring 2020

Power House Global International Magazine August 2020

Model Citizen’s Magazine August 2020

Powerhouse Global Stars Magazine Nov/Dec 2020

Cover & featured in Powerwoman Magazine December 2020 selected for the BEFTTA award.

Dr. Babu has been nominated for:

Wintrade Global 2020/2021 Entrepreneur in Health & Wellness Award, UK,

Distinguished Humanitarian Awardee 2021

2020 iWomen Global Award, India Women of Inspiration Award 2020, Canada

Recognized as one of the top 50 influential global leaders on LinkedIn 2020 & recognized as “Phenomenal Woman” 2020 by & inaugurated in to the The Global Library of Female Authors.

Dr. Babu, being a strong advocate of Mental Health, was featured in the Kenyan -Africa documentary "Mental Health & Wellness Among Children with Natalie Wambui

Dr. Babu is “Honorary Life Member” of the globally known ALL Ladies League (ALL), Women Economic Forum and member of WICCI: Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Council of North Eastern USA.

She is WHO certified for the Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country preparedness and response.

Dr. Babu is a trained Medical Physician and has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a PHD in Integrative Medicine. She is the curriculum founder and Professor of Health Business Entrepreneurship, at the Masters & PHD level at Quantum University, Hawaii USA sharing faculty with renowned energy medicine experts Dr. Joe Dispenza & Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Dr. Babu is a Reiki Master and a Past Life Regression Therapist trained & certified by internationally renowned Dr. Brian L. Weiss M.D. author of “Many Lives, Many Masters” with the Weiss Institute. She is based in New York, USA and works with clients all over the world virtually.

Dr. Bindu Babu I-MD, PhD
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