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Dr. Celina (Shemo) Belmarce Pina, Psy.D

Advisory Board

Dr. Celina is the founder and CEO of VGI Mental Health, a 501 C 3, non-profit organization, providing clinical services to diverse populations.

Dr.Celina is recognized for her distinguished clinical proficiencies, particularly in the area of trauma and abuse. She is an international bestselling author of “The Five Keys to Emotional Oneness; the Emotional Detox System,” she has also developed training and coaching curriculums based on her “Five Keys System.”

Dr. Celina believes that emotional health has been underemphasized in the clinical arena and is the key to understanding the threads leading to mental health. “It is important that we excrete those challenging emotions in order to optimize emotional freedom and detour from encumbering mental health complexities”

Dr. Celina is known in the United States and in Cabo Verde, West Africa, where she holds dual citizenship; as “The Ambassador of Emotional Health. She has committed her professional years to help women, men and children who are survivors of abuse and violence; to reclaim their voice, relinquish their silence and unlock their innate gifts.

Dr. Celina is the architect of “Healing Hearts Empowering Voices; healing circles” which she created in West Africa in an effort to provide a healing vehicle in communities where there is no access to clinical services. She is the voice for those who suffer in silence from the pains of abuse. Dr. Celina sits on many boards, holds memberships in several global organizations, and is recognized globally for her work in the area of Emotional Health related to violence, abuse, and trauma.

Dr. Celina (Shemo) Belmarce Pina, Psy.D
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