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Terence A. Banks

Advisory Board

Terence Banks is a community leader and public advocate for change. Mr. Banks lends his talents and membership to the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO). He was drawn to COMTO's mission to ensure a level playing field in the national transportation industry for minority individuals, business, and communities of color. The organization advances this agenda through advocacy, information sharing, training and professional development. Terence's penchant for equality and social equity for

all led him to serve as the legislative chair for COMTO's NY Chapter.

Terence is also a member of the esteemed One Hundred Black Men Inc. One Hundred Black Men, Inc. is an organization with over 116 chapters and10,000 members. It is a body of likeminded business, political and community leaders who envisioned an organization that would implement programs designed to improve the quality of life for African Americans and other minorities. They have done so

by successfully advancing their mentorship program, economic empowerment, health and wellness programs. Terence Banks sits on both the membership committee and the gala committee; both positions have great responsibility to raise funding for their scholarship and mentorship programs for young men. Terence is also responsible for recruiting and retaining great men of quality who represent and

uphold OHM leadership standards of integrity,mentorship, and community service.

Terence A. Banks
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