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Amb. Dr. Khomotṧo Mashalane

Global Ambassador & Country Chair - South Africa

Amb.Dr.Khomotso Malete is the Founder and Director of KhomotsoM Women Leadership and Outcome based Empowerment . She is Coach Mentor and Author focusing on Women Empowerment .

Dr.Khomotso Malete is a Human Resources Specialist (She holds a Master of Human Resources,UK,Edinburgh Business School,Scotland, UK) Khomotso is a thought leader,a globally recognised humanitarian, global influencer, philan- thropist, and women empowerment advocate. For over two decades, she has continued to be instrumental in empowering women from small capacities to leadership positions. Her key focus is researching issues concerning women in leadership, salary disparities between men and women as well as the nu- merous other social and business equity challenges women face. Through her professional and academic endeavors, Khomotso has shown a great vision for humanity and humankind at a core level.

Khomotso's leadership and training programs have empowered countless women to achieve success in their careers. She has helped women shatter the glass ceiling in various industries, from business to technology to health- care. In addition to her leadership programs.Through her dedication and commitment, Khomotso has truly made a difference in the lives of many women around the world.

Khomotso Malete's vast and well-rounded career has spanned many differ- ent industries and disciplines. However, the one constant throughout her career has been her dedication to serving and uplifting the women around her. Whether it's through her work as a Business Consultant, Business Coach.

Khomotso received various global awards and accolades including woman of Vigour Award.She is a Global Ambassador and Chair of various organiza- tions including World Women Organisation.

Award winner-Global Woman of Vigour Award

Honorary Degree_Philosophy- Specialising in Humanitarianism-Theophany University-Au-De-Prince-Haiti.

Head of Women Empowerment of the Department of Women Empowerment and capacity building in the Alliance of the People-Africa

Ambassador-World Women Organisation

Face and Partner of HelloWomeniya

Council Member at Member of Women's Chamber of Commerce and Industry-South Africa

Director-He & She Champions, Africa

Director-World Green Champions, Africa

Head of Women Empowerment of the Capacity Building-Inspire 5O Women (Global) South Africa

Author of Business Books to Empower Women.

1. The Lady Boss Business Etiquette Blueprint

2. The ultimate Guide for Business and Leadership

3. The Female Factor-A Book on Human Resources and Leadership.

4. Divine Feminity-My Relationship with God(Anthology)

Lady Diversity-Anthology

Ambassador-World Women Organisation

Nominee-Doctor of Human Resources Nominee:Innovation Excellence Awards. Chair-South-Africa-G100

Featured as Cover Girl-I am Global Magazine as the Champion of Women Empowermen(September)

Ambassador-Research Foundation in India-South Africa.

Featured in Honsier Magazine as one of the 100 most influential and Inspirational People in the World.

Author of three Anthologies with global leaders:

1. Lady Diversity Power

2. Divine Feminity-My Relationship with God

3. Our Food Journey(Healthy Living)

International Partner-South Africa-World Business Angels Investment Forum

Books: The ultimate Guide For Business and Leadership Success for Women entrepreneurs

The Lady Boss Business Etiquette Blueprint

The Female Factor-A Book on Human Resources and Leadership.

Our Food Journey

Divine Feminity-My Relationship with God

Honorary Board member and Academic Head of Doctoral Monitoring Board International Speaker at Global and Local Conferences

Amb. Dr. Khomotṧo Mashalane
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