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Karin Cristela Rodriguez

Global Ambassador & Country Chair- Argentina

Karin Cristela Rodriguez is the CFO, Director of Signo Plast S.A

Partner Mujeres Violeta S.AS. Colombia.

  • Member of the Executive Committee and Pro-Secretary of

  • the Industrial Union of the Province of Bs. As., UIPBA.

  • Protester of the Industrial Union of the Party of La Matanza, UIPMA.

  • Coordinator of the BU Node of the MIA Network, Women of the Argentine Industry.

  • Coordinator of the Women Entrepreneurs space of UIPBA.

  • G100 Argentina Country Chair Public Relations.

  • Argentine Chair of Creative Women Platform.

  • FLOR Ambassador 2021-2023, FLOR Foundation.

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Women

  • Economic Forum WEF Colombia 2022.

  • Member of the Communications Committee of the FLOR

  • Foundation, the Leadership Foundation, and Responsible Organizations.

Vip Member Women Leaders of the Americas.

• Member of the Gender and Diversity Committee of the

Argentine Industrial Union, UIA.

  • Sponsor in the 2021 and 2022 Sponsorship program of

  • Fundación Global.

  • Member of FAME, Argentine Forum of Executive Women.

  • Advisor to the WICCI Committee, Indian Women's

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry, US Western Section.

  • Member of the organizing Board of the Women Economic Forum Argentina and WEF Silicon Valley.

  • President of the 2nd UIPBA SME Industrial Congress 2020.

  • National and international speaker at events dedicated to

  • Women's Empowerment and the Role of Women in the business union

And above all, and most importantly, I am a MOM, Proud of my 3 children, whom I adore and for whom

I seek to be the best example of work and personal development.

Karin Cristela Rodriguez
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