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Mariel E. Foronda

Global Ambassador & Country Chair- Philippines

A Charity Project Founder

I have a passion project that I call Giggles for a Good Cause. I collect brand-new underwear for vulnerable women and girls in social welfare centers or evacuation centers.

I work with a small team, but we fill a significant need.

People usually donate food, clothes, and toiletries but not underwear and used underwear is unhygienic. For women in social welfare centers, underwear is not only a piece of clothing.

Underwear gives them a sense of security and dignity. I get help from family and friends. The donations come mostly from people we know and their families and friends. In the past years, I have been fortunate to get support from Avon Philippines and Barbizon Fashion to donate underwear to the residents of a

few social welfare centers.

When I started this project in 2015, my friends would giggle when I’d ask them if they would be willing to donate underwear and so I named the project, Giggles for a Good Cause.

A Learning Experience Designer

I have been a learning experience designer for 13 years.

I design learning programs for change management experts, coaches, speakers, and authors who have a passion for helping transform lives. And I help them transform lives through courses.

Above good instructions, people learn best through experiences. So, on top of creating relevant modules that address students’ needs, I also ensure the content and the learning environment are engaging and immersive for students.

I structure the learning experience in a way that they can easily learn and apply what they have learned.

I had a 21-year career at Accenture.

In my last ten years with the Company, I helped enhance the learning design and development capability of a few business areas. I built learning programs for clients in various industries on six continents.


I am an introvert, and I embrace my quiet superpowers. I practice meditation and mindfulness.

I love a good story - a conversation, a book, a podcast, a movie, a play, or a musical.

Mariel E. Foronda
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